Term:The National Alliance for Health Information Technology

The Nation Alliance for Health Information Technology is a group of people that have come together for the purpose of use information technology to better health care. This group is made up of an extremely wide range of individuals of doctors, nurses, professors, purchasers, payers, EMTs, administrators, IT professionals, and many caring professionals. There approach to moving forward in implementing for IT for health care is a basic three step plan. First they look at the issues generally. Next the gather input from numerous resources and then finally they look at the areas where those resources overlap and determine to focus to those areas. Recently they have lobbing congress in reference to making more of the health care systems electronic. The have been addressing issues such are EHR being more safe, more portable, more reliable, and a more healthy way to store information for the public.Their main focus according to their website is to be "focused on how health care infommation technology can and will improve health care outcomes."

The Nation Alliance for Health Information Technology has many applications. Introducing more technology in hospital practices, implementing the EHR in doctors offices, or making senators more aware to technology that can save life on capital hill. The sky is the limit for applications for this group.

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11-10-06 - "From Disaster to Opportunity"
This article first appeared on November 10, 2006 in HHN Most Wired online site. By John Morrissey & Scott Wallace.Redesigning New Orleans’ health care infrastructure presents a rare opportunity to build high quality, patient-centered care from the ground up.


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