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(The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Center for Health Information Technology)


The AAFP-CHiT is a member based organization that uses the AAFP to focus on technical expertise, advocacy, research, and member services associated with medical office equipment and computerization. Their Mission: "To promote and facilitate the adoption and optimal use of health information technology by AAFP members and other office-based clinicians, for the purposes of improving the quality and safety of medical care, and increasing the efficiency of medical practice" (Source:

They provide various online interactive tools that help AAFT members such as:

Interactive Tools:

  • implement EHR systems,
  • have physician product/EHR User Directories,
  • tools that assist doctors in finding "like" doctors that practice in the same field,
  • Readiness Assessment,
  • EMR E-mail Discussion List and,home-imagemap2.jpg
  • Residency EMR E-mail Discussion List

EHR Adoption Tools that include a 4-Step preparation:
  • 1. Preparation - resources that are designed to properly prepare, select and implement your EHR system.
  • 2. Selection - resources to help you with the decision of an EHR system.
  • 3. Implementation - assistance in planning for the successful implementation of an EHR system.
  • 4. Maintenance - resources to help you become a high performing digital practice.

Project Centers that are focused on keeping:
  1. Government and Industry Advocacy
  2. Standards Development and Promotion
  3. Other Projects

News and Events
  • New Events
  • Upcoming Events

CME & Learning Center
  • CME
  • Tutorials
  • AAFP Articles about EHR
  • Publications and Organizations in HIT

"The Center is dedicated to increasing the availability and use of low-cost, standards-based information technology among family physicians, nationally, and internationally, through consultative, educational, and outreach activities. The Center collaborates with government, industry, and other professional organizations to apply health information technology (HIT) to improve patient care and safety, and to increase the efficiency of health care delivery." -- Source -


  • Provides resources to physicians to assist in EHR implementations
  • Assistance in EHR adoption
  • Provides a professional outlet for physicians to acquire services and support in Health Information Technology.

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