TERM: AHLTA (Armed Forces Longitudinal Technology Application

Description: AHLTA, formerly the Composite Health Care Systems II (CHCS II), is the Department of Defense Military Health System initiative to transition patient records from paper to a centralized storage of patient healthcare information. Providing around-the-world and around the clock access to a single data repository of all treatment episodes, AHLTA supports a virtual electronic health record that extends the concept of portability far beyond that reached by other EHRs. AHLTA is deployed worldwide to 70 military hospitals/medical centers, 411 medical clinics, and 417 dental clinics. AHLTA supports 9.2 million beneficiaries of the TRICARE Program—DOD’s worldwide healthcare program for active duty and retired uniformed services members and their families. AHLTA is the outpatient HER for 9.2 million active-duty and retired service members and was developed under by Integic. However, Integic was purchased by Northrop Grumman in 2005 and the Northrop Grumman group is still under contract to continue and maintain the system.

AHLTA is being deployed in three separate blocks. Block 1 of the global deployment to all of the military facilities was completed in December. Blocks 2 and 3 which are working on integrating the dental, pharmacy, and clinical records are set to be completed by 2011.

Application: AHLTA is very adaptable and able to link to handhelds such as, the Battlefield Medical Information System-Tactical (BMIST); BMIST is the DOD’s battlefields main handheld system supporting military health surveillance. Over the next few years BMIST will be expanding to include speech requisition and electronic dog tags, which include a soldier’s medical history. (Currently 13500 dog tags are in use in Iraq and Afghanistan).

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Related Terminology: CHCS II, BMIST

Andy Butler