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Absolute Fitness is an application for iPhone and Android, designed by Aqua Eagle. The main purpose of Absolute Fitness is to track your daily intake and activity. This app allows the user to log and manage food intake, exercise regiments, and track their weight. The app allows you to customized diet goals while keeping track of your progress. The system database is comprised of over 10,000 foods more than 180 specific exercises. You are not limited to these, if there is a food or exercise that is not in the original database, you can add it.

When the application is first installed, the user sets up a profile consisting of their date of birth, sex, height, weight, and target weight. Next, Absolute Fitness shows an informative video about how to best use to the product according to the user's lifestyle and goals. A diary is one of the useful features of the application, where all of your dietary and exercise information is stored. The system then calculates daily nutrient limits automatically, based upon each specific user profile and the goals that they have set. In order to track the user's progress, Absolute Fitness provides graphical charts depicting various aspects of weight, calorie intake, protein consumption, cholesterol, fat, carbohydrates, etc. This app has the ability to track dietary and fitness for ages 5 and older.


  • Tracks workouts
  • Add additional workouts
  • Track Body Stats:
    • Body Fat
    • Blood Pressure
    • Hours of Sleep
    • Number of Glasses of Water (daily)
  • Track Daily Food Intake
  • Customize Food Analysis
  • Create Custom Meals

All of the data you input into the Absolute Fitness app can be exported into an HTML or CSV file. The Absolute Fitness app has not been updated since June 2010.

  • An extensive food database that has majority of name brand food info (e.g calories, fats, proteins, etc.) and exercise database. There is also an option to add custom information to the database.
  • Nutritional information on all of the listed macro-nutrients (e.g calories, fat, etc.) and over 30 different types of vitamins and minerals.
  • Automatic calculation of daily nutrient and their limits, which are based on your profile and your personal dietary goal. There is also option to set custom limits.
  • Ability to take daily nutritional snapshots, which can help users to see how much they have eaten and how much they still need to eat, so users can reach their calorie goal.
  • Completely customizable food analysis, and graphs indicating food intake.
  • Graphical charts that track your weight, calories consumed and calories burned due to workout.
  • Users have an ability to create their own custom meals. Foods that are composed of many individual items (e.g. salads).
  • Ability to track your own Body Fat %, Blood Pressure, Hours of Sleep and amount of water consumed in a day.
  • Free-form Version of notes section. This allows users to keep track their own personal goals, or any key information.
  • Ability for users to export their data into two different formats, which are HTML and CSV.
  • Backup/Restore functionality in case of emergency or lost/erased data.
  • Video Tutorials and User's Guide that can help new or inexperienced users with Absolute Fitness software.

Visual Examples
Images below illustrate the basic layout of Absolute Fitness. Images on the left side demonstrate the food analysis features and exercise types and their intensity levels. The images on the right side demonstrate the nutritional analysis of the food that the user consumed during the day and also it illustrates " Export Data" page and its layout.

Video Examples

Absolute Fitness can be purchased for the iPhone through the App Store for $4.99. The price has decreased since the app first came out at $12.99. By tracking food intake, workout regiments, and providing assistance in selecting both, Absolute Fitness allows for the individual to track their progress towards living a healthy lifestyle.

iPhone App Specifications:

Updated: June 29, 2010
Version: 2.1.1
Size: 2.6 MB

Android App Specifications:

Updated: August 2010
Version: 2.1.1
Size: 3.42 MB

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