Term: ActiveHealth Patented CareEngine System

Description: ActiveHealth is a health oriented company that works to promote the well-being of our nation through Information Technology. Founded by Lonny Reisman in 1998, the business focuses on on the production of applications and programs that collect data on medical organization's patients and utilizes advanced searches and analysis to do a various amount of tasks. Their newest software is dubbed the CareEngine System which "Monitors 100% of our population, 100% of the time."

The software draws information from many sources including pharmacy claims, medical files, doctor records, and information entered in by the patient/member. The CareEngine System takes this information and pulls from other cases that are similar in context, personal information, etc. to predict a recommendation for patient care based on other results. Also, the information is put against highly-respected sources of evidence to show relations and correlation to identify any errors or gaps within the data. This provides the highest quality data for the user so a definite and positive prescription of the problem can be given. Also, the system can provide medical alerts, appointment reminders, and many other functions to its users. While data is constantly being absorbed, ActiveHealth continuously updates their database of the best standards in care through efforts of the physicians, pharmacists, and nurses that make up the ActiveHealth Clinical Development Center.

ActiveHealth markets this software towards small and large businesses and have helped make many medical facilities more productive. Aetna, a medical insurance/information benefit corporation is an example of a business which has taken advantage of the CareEngine System. With ActiveHealth's software, Aetna has been able to increase productivity extremely and has only had positive comments from their consumers.


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ActiveHealth's Webpage: http://www.activehealthmanagement.com/index.php