Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)


General Description

According to AHCA's Organization and Operation Statement

"The Agency for Health Care Administration is authorized in Section 20.42, Florida Statutes. It is the chief health policy and planning entity for the state. The Agency is responsible for health facilities licensure, inspection, and regulatory enforcement; investigation of consumer complaints related to health care facilities and managed care plans; the implementation of the Certificate of Need program; the operation of the Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis; the administration of the Medicaid program; the administration of the contracts with the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation; the certification of health maintenance organizations and prepaid health clinics; and other duties prescribed by statute or agreement."

Read the full statement here:

Organization Chart


AHCA as a Resource

AHCA provides a dashboard of agency performance measures that include:

  • Health Quality Assurance
  • Medicaid
  • Health Care Providers
  • Inspector General
  • Florida Health Information Exchange
  • Web Site Transparency

The full dashboard can be found here:
AHCA Research Dashboard

As far as healthcare research, AHCA focuses its publications on the following areas:
  • Certificate of Need / Financial Analysis (CON/FA) Publications
  • Certificate of Need / Financial Analysis (CON/FA) Publications
  • Facility Surveys – Most Frequently Cited Health and Life Safety Deficiencies
  • Calendar Year Reports
  • Fiscal Year Reports
  • Freestanding Emergency Department Report
  • Medicaid Publications
  • Nursing Home Links
  • Reports to the Legislature
  • Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis

All of these publications can be found here:
AHCA Publications

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