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Keeping track of patients within a hospital can be very difficult with most hospitals current systems. Most current systems are very time consuming and lead to increased costs to the hospitals. AgileTrac is a system made by GE that can track beds, patients, staff, and mobile equipment.

Bed Manager
AgileTrac Bed Manager helps keep track of the hospital beds by automating bed management. This program speeds up patient admissions and discharges, maximizes use of hospital resources, shortens length of hospital visits by patients, and reduces hospital costs. Assigning beds to patients quickly is the key to effective patient flow. The AgileTrac Bed Manager automatically finds the appropriate bed for the patient's needs. The Bed Manager system allows you to:
  • customize information via bedboard, graphical map, tabular list and detail views.
  • Choose full-screen views or display multiple views at once.
  • Access alerts and notifications via visual view, pager and e-mail.
  • Manage beds for single- or multiple-facility hospitals.

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Real-time information is displayed via a web-based portal that helps inform managers what needs to be done at any point in time:
  • Workflow maps enable visual management of different care areas.
  • List views show patient, bed, and staff status. Workflow problems are also flagged visually.
  • Alerts and Alarms signal when there are slowdowns.

The AgileTrac Bed Manager tremendously helps hospitals with several patient flow functions. It can improve the response of hospital personnel in admitting and discharging patients, especially in emergency situations, when they don't have a moment to lose. It also helps them integrate patient information with their current IT systems.

Asset Management
catimg_assetMgmt-thumb-165x123-360.jpgHospitals over-spend millions of dollars every year on mobile equipment, such as IV pumps and wheelchairs. This equipment constantly gets lost or aren't used effectively. To resolve this problem, AgileTrac uses a real-time location system (RTLS) tag on each piece of equipment that communicates with a central visualization system.
Using a web-browser, staff members can track equipment location and status in real time throughout the hospital. Equipment can be tracked with an interactive map and alerts can also be set if equipment leaves designated areas. The company also uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Infra-red (IR) technology to track equipment.

This technology would be very helpful in bigger hospitals where it is often times hard to keep track of the big number of patients that go in and out of bigger hospitals. In addition to patients, it is very imperative that the equipment of hospitals needs to be tracked as well. A system like this being implemented into a hospital could save up to $5,000 per bed from efficient bed management. With efficient asset management, hospitals can lower their equipment inventory by 10-20% which can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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