Allscripts is a leader in Healthcare IT solutions for a wide range of facilities. Allscrips offers a variety of IT solutions aimed at employing technology to save time and money in the Healthcare field. These products vary in specialty from claim management, to medication dispensing, to electronic health records. Most of Allscripts' products are web based IT solutions. This means that they are all available online and are all aimed at improving information management Allscripts had merged with Mysis, a multinational software company, in 2008 but repurchased stock from it and merged along with Eclipsys in 2010, an American company that supplies electronic tools for hospitals (Mysis is still a shareholder, though).

Allscripts provides products for EHR's, ePrescribing, Revenue Cycle Management and more. Their main push is to be the single company that offers all the solutions in order to provide superior interoperability and hassle-free adaption. They realize employing several different programs from companies has it's downfalls and their attitude about fixing that is evident in their trademarked phrase "That's why we need to connect."

Allscripts applications are used in many Healthcare facilities ranging from large hospitals to small offices. Allscripts offers each of their products in three different specialized forms.
1.) Practices with less than 25 Employees
2.) Practices with more than 25 employees
3.) Practices of any size.
According to the Allscripts' website, "180,000 physicians, 1,500 hospitals, and thousands of other Healthcare providers...utilize Allscripts solutions to automate and connect their clinical and business operations."
Allscripts is an application even used by our hospital here in Tallahassee (Randeree). Allscripts provides different solutions for Ambulatory Care, Acute Care, Post Acute Care, Publicly Funded Purchasers and Entire Communities.

"The merger positions the combined company to help its clients more effectively access the approximately $30 billion in federal funding for hospital and physician adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)," reports the Allscripts site. The funding towards adoption would help many hospitals gain useful tools in their practices.

Allscripts has a mobile application titled Allscripts Remote. The app's purpose is to allow healthcare providers to remotely control their Allscripts EHR from any location. The app provides real-time patient summary information, fast communication to emergency rooms, convenient ePrescribing to the patient's pharmacy and more.

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