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Description: Alpha X-Ray Technology is a X-ray imaging company thriving on how to improve and reduce the cost of X-rays. Recently bought by Philips, Alpha X-Ray company is based in Southern India and has been viewed by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology for outstanding achievements within the field.

Application: Alpha X-Ray has established X-ray machines that use less power and develops clearer pictures for doctors to view X-rays. This is better for doctors so they can diagnose health issues that may not show up in normal X-rays. There are various imaging uploads that are compatible with the Alpha X-ray machines. Alpha also has many different applicationsfixedlab.jpg and upgrades available that work along with the X-ray machines. Alpha X-ray sells components of the machine for business that may already have existing materials. The table (that can be upgraded), the rotating X-ray (that can be upgraded),and the display machines itself can all be purchased separately and upgraded separately depending on the use.

The C-arm DSA Table has these specifications:
C - 800 carbon fiber angio table.




Angiographic patient positioning table with floating table top and motorized up-down movement.

Longitudinal travel

800 mm

Cross travel

+/- 150 mm

Vertical travel

l300 mm

Vertical travel speed

18 mm / sec.

Minimum and maximum distance of table top from ground

810 mm, 1110 mm

Maximum metal free overhang

1250 X 500 mm

Total radiographically transparent area

2090 X 480 mm

Head rest overhang

300 X 250 mm

Table top size

2590 mm

Table top material

Carbon fibre composite structure (thickness : 30-35mm)

X-Ray transparency of Carbon fibre top

<1mm Aluminium equivalent at 100 KVp.

Floating table top brakes

Single button operated electro-permanent magnets.

Table base


Force required for moving table-top when unlocked

< 2 Kg

Force required for moving table-top when locked

>12 Kg

Total power requirement

230 VAC, 5A (15 amp plug socket recommended)

Rated patient weight

200 Kg.

Additional force for CPR

100 Kg. at any position on the table.

Total weight

350 Kg.

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