AmbuPro EMS is an Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) System for healthcare providers to use. This system allow the digital input of patient data into a computer system like a laptop or tablet
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(depending on what is supported by the system). This then allows emergency personnel to pull up previous run data (data previously gathered on the patient in other calls) that may be useful during the current call.
Importance for EMS Personnel
Compliance with requirements at the Federal, State, and local levels is critical when dealing with patient data on a daily basis. In addition, the integration of billing features with this system allows for better documentation for billing purposes. The most important feature of using an ePCR in the field is the increase in efficiency. This is seen in the quick PCR’s written in this electronic form as opposed to paper. And this in turn will allow a quick turnaround for more more calls due to decreased time spent writing PCR’s. Which due to this continued waterfall effect allows for an increase in revenue because EMS personnel are seeing more patients as a result.

Product Features
Included features in this system include (but not limited to):
AmbuPro WEB
AuditX (database auditing engine)
Automatic Data Synchronization
CAD Integration
Detail HotPanel
EKG Monitor Integration
Electronic Signatures
Exports (billing, run reports, NEMSIS)
File Attachments
FlexMap PowerView
FlexMap Viewer
Incident QuickClone
Intelliforms (custom forms)
Mandatory Fields
Message Manager
Patient Category Alert
Pre-built & Custom Reporting
Protocol Hyperlinks
TurboChart (auto-narrative generation)
Workflow Management

Related Terminology
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