Term: America Public Health Association

Description: The APHA is an organization that is made up of health professionals around the world. Since 1872, their goal was to provide a voice to advocate improved health in the community as well as help in preventing preventable ailments and other serious health conditions. They have established an IT group comprised of APHA members called the Health Informatics Information Technology Group, which recognizes the importance of health imformatics in their goals of improved community health. They showcase the latest in their two publications. One is a peer-reviewed publication called the American Journal of Public Health and the other named the Nation's Health.

With 30,000+ members representing health officials, educators, students, environmentalists, policy makers and health providers the APHA has one mission: To improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status.

The Health Informatics Information Technology Group (HIIT) mission is to improve the public's health and promote prevention and early intervention by advancing the use of innovative and effective information technology and informatics applications

There goal is to continue drive home the importance of health informatics in today's public health.

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