This organization establishes the bar for US standards for the safety of health consumers and to imrpove the market place for the global economy. They are not primarly focus in healthcare because they set guidelines for every type of business in each industry, including energy distribution, but they are greatly concerned with the quality of american life, the integrity of business, and setting standards for interoperability in information technology in healthcare.

Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
- They are an extension of the ANSI, and they promote the cooperation between public and private industries inhealthcare so they can adopt standards to create interoperability software applications and other hardware components. Once estb. both public and private industries can play a huge part in the national health information network. The panel is working along side with HIMSS and ATI to build a stronger infrastructure for information technology in healthcare. They are also being funded by ONCHIT, which was president's Bush organization to implment EHR's within the next 10 years.

Other Comittees:
ANSI play a part in other countries, such as in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They try to influence US activity and assist in setting policies to help in international affairs. This comittee is called RSC-EMEA. They also have comittees in the Asian-Pacific and South and Central America.