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Apple Watch


Apple has unveiled their new product to be released in 2015. They designed the Apple Watch and it is a smart watch. It is, according to their website, “Our most personal device yet”. (1) They have created three different watches to suit different tastes. “The regular watch, the watch sport and watch edition”. (1) The watch is a very useful tool to track health and fitness of the user. The Apple Watch will help the users have all their health related information in their wrist and carry it anywhere they go.


The Apple Watch has several applications but for this wiki I will talk about the health and fitness related applications of the watch. First of all, the watch tracks the way you move and tells you how much you ran, walked or rested. Apple says it is “Made to measure all the ways you move”. It gives you the distance you ran, walked or cycled. It has a workout app integrated and it motivates the users by giving “achievements when you break a personal record in the Activity app”. (2) It’s a great tool for those who want to keep track of their fitness to have a healthier life. It also connects to the Apple Healthkit app.

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