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ArcView is now known as ArcGIS, this is a global information system created by Esri for a plethora of different industries. From government to business, utilities natural resources and more ArcGIS is used for a number of different things to visualize, analyze and manage data based on geographic components. This system allows companies and organizations to collect data based on geography and better understand patterns, trends and how products are correlated in relationships dependent on geographics. This is very beneficial to a number of organizations especially that deal with logistics or rely on teams that are located throughout the world.

ArcGIS incorporates planning and analysis, operational awareness through geographical location, field data collection, asset management and public engagement.(Arc14) These features allow businesses to be more efficient and able to more quickly adapt to problems in real time. By not only being able to track assets but also collect and analyze data from transactions and day to day operations allow for companies to also create more intuitive reports, analyze trends and make changes to increase efficiency and revenue.


ArcGIS is used in a number of industries From government to business, utilities natural resources and more. ArcGIS is a software that has to be accessed through the company Esri. ArcGIS can be used in healthcare organizations especially when it comes to transporting prescriptions or transplant organs.


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Geographic Information System – A Computer system designed to take in, analyze and manage spatial and geographical data in various organizations.
Esri – The Environmental Systems Research Institute is an GIS software company that spans worldwide. Esri develops software, Web GIS and geodatabase management applications.