Term: Artificial Bone

Description: Artificial bone is a bone-like substance that is created in a laboratory and can be used to replace lost bone.

Applications: Artificial bone allows bone to be replaced without the need for bone graphs from other parts of the body or cadavers. The other option is bone-like alloys, usually made from ceramic or metal, that could possibly be rejected by the body. A team of British scientists have recently invented an "injectable bone" substance that could possibly eliminate the need for bone graphs. The new substance would require a much less invasive surgery, allowing for less structural damage to the surrounding areas.

The hardening process is also part of what makes the injectable bone so novel. The substance hardens at body temperature without generating any heat. Less heat makes it much more likely for existing bone cells to survive and continue to grow.

Further Advancements:

A new procedure to turn blocks of wood into artificial bones has been developed by Italian scientists, who plan to implant them into large animals, and eventually humans.

A human skeleton under X-ray. Italian scientists have created a new kind of artificial bone derived from wood. When implanted, the artificial bone should allow live bones to heal faster and more securely. Discovery News

ScienceDaily (June 1, 2012)
-- Toky Tech's Toshiyuki Ikoma and JUnzo Tanaka have developed technology for producing artificial bones from fish scales and apatite.

(1) The bones have a much higher density and are thereby very strong;
(2) The bones implanted into bone defects transform into bone tissues much faster than those using porcine dermis collagen.

"One of our major aims is to use fish collagen for the treatment of bone tumors in older people whose bones take longer to regenerate," explains Ikoma. "Fish collagen is a material that has the potential of becoming the key material for the development of artificial bones and bone therapy. Science Daily


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