Term: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making!

Description: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making is an open access journal that anyone can read. It publishes original peer- reviewed articles in relation to the development, design, implementation, use and evaluation of health information and the technologies that go with it and the decision making within the healthcare settings. The journal itself is published by BioMed Central.=====

Criteria for Publication: The publication of the articles is totally dependent on cohereance and validity, as judged by peer-reviewers,who are also asked whether the writing is comprehensible and how interesting they consider the article to be.

Flexibility: As an electronic-only journal, BMC offers authors the opportunity to publish large data sets, large numbers of illustrations and moving pictures, to display data in a form that can be read directly by other software packages so as to allow readers to manipulate the data for themselves, and to create all relevant links

Speed of Publication: BMC offers a very fast speed for publication schedule while maintaining peer review. Every single article has to be submitted online. Articles will be published in manuscript form upon acceptance. A fully structured web version will be published within a few weeks of acceptance

Applications: Popular uses of BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making are based on research purposes. There is a ton of information to be had and to be used however someone may like.

How to cite: Articles in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making should be cited in the same way as articles in a traditional journal, with one exception. Because articles in this journal are not printed, they do not have page numbers. Instead, they have a unique article number

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