Term: Behavioral Health


Behavioral Health is the defined as, “a branch of interdisciplinary health which focuses on the reciprocal relationship between the holistic view of human behavior and the well-being of the body as a whole entity.”(medanth.wikispaces) The basic meaning is how a person thinks, feels, and react to different situations that may appear in their life. It's also how people see themselves and how a person goes about problem solving these situations.


Behavioral Health providers have not adopted HIT very willingly so far. This is due to the fact that under the HITECH act, “the incentives for providers for the exchange and integration of electronic health records are not available to psychologists, social workers, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, resident treatment centers, substance abuse treatment programs, opioid treatment programs, licensed therapists and more for the meaningful use.”(healthit.gov)

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Mental Health - Mental health is the state of being a person is mentally in. A person who is mentally healthy can work, socialize and can cope with stress effectively. Being mentally healthy helps us make educated decisions with clear intent.

Substance Abuse – Substance Abuse is the over-use and incorrect use of drugs and alcohol.


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