CIT-NIH (Center For Information Technology - National Institutes of Health)

Description: The Center for Information Technology of the National Institutes of Health was first established as the Division of Computer Research and Technology (DCRT) and in 1998 the CIT was formed combining the two programs and their functionalities with the CIT, DCRT, and the office of Information Resources Management (OIRM) and the telecommunications branch. They also provide products & services, information security, support, science and IT policies to their users.

Most application on their website are provided free of charge however there


Services are especially useful for administrators, collaborators, staff and other personnel. In using the services there are numerous quick links to tools that serve areas of to help the IT professional in the Health Care Industry. Some of the applications include:
  • Networking Services (NIHnet)
    • These types of services include domain, consolidating network monitoring, enterprise networking and network security servicing to name a few. Some of these applications require a log in code however the services are provided to assist the IT professional that may have networking problems, questions, concerns or serve as a refresher.

  • Enterprise Monitoring (NAppMann)
    • Is a service that serves as a "monitor of monitors." It assures that applications are available when you need for them to, sending and receiving information from underlying monitors.

  • Supercomputing - HELIX Systems at NIH
    • This particular resource are available to the NIH research community and provide access to a wide range of applications - software applications installed on production computing platforms.
    • The software application programs that are available are:
      • Bioinformatics
      • Structural Biology
      • Proteomics
      • Mathematical Analysis
      • Image Analysis
      • Molecular Graphics
      • Program Development
      • they may also support many web-based applications

  • General Scientific Support
    • This feature consist of three 3 sub-categories, JMP, ParTek Pro, Statistical Software.

  • Products and Services
    • This section provides tools for Administrative Services, Application Development, Application Hosting, Mainframe Servicing, CIT Service Catalog, Co-Location Servicing, Computation Biosciences, and Video and Conferencing Services to name a few.

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