CapMed Smart Messaging

CapMed is the
the leader in personal health management solutions with over 600,000 users. With CapMed patients can monitor and manage their health and communicate easily with care providers. CapMed provides online PHRs, Mobile PHRs, and desktop PHRs.
CapMed’s Personal Health Record (PHR) supports “smart messaging” which basically notifies users of needed care or generate information alerts within the PHR.
CapMed's smart messaging can be sent directly to a user of CapMed's PHR and displayed on their PHR dashboard (a dashboard view of health status and action items), sent via secure email, or text messaged to a cellular phone. It is
powered by a gaps-in-care protocol engine which compares available data to national health guidelines producing evidence-based messaging.

  • With the user's authorization, messages can also be sent to a user's physician or other care team members (i.e. doctors & nurses)
    • icePHR Mobile (in-case-of-emergency Personal Health Record)
      • Allows users to access their PHR, and receive messages via mobile device
    • onlinePHR
      • Allow users to access their PHR, and send/receive messages on the web.
  • Messages often contain live web links that enable the user to:
    • Refill a prescription
    • Schedule an appointment
    • Review additional health content

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