Cardiology is not only the study of but it is also the treatment of heart disorders and diseases. It deals with care for the heart and associated arteries. Stems from the Greek words “cardia” (heart) and “logy” (study of). Cardiology has a wide range of studies including congenital defects, heart diseases and even congestive heart failure.
Disorders of the heart can include heart disease and cardiovascular disease and can even lead to death. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and caused 29.34 % of deaths in 2002.

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Within the past few years there has been a high exploration of healthcare related smartphone apps that physicians are using to integrate into their medical practices to improve care. For cardiology, these apps can include educational information for the patient, EHRs, tests, and treatments that allow the doctor and patient to communicate firsthand. They also provide a means of animation so they can simulate to the patient what exactly is going on inside of their chest.
These apps enhance communication between doctor and patient in order to allow patient to have a sense of their own treatment.

CardioSmart App: patient educational tool as well as a way to engage the patient in their diagnosis and treatment plans.

AliveCor: released in December 2012, this is a combination of an application and a case that wraps around an iPhone. Can do a valid one lead EKG and also has the capability of detecting arterial fibrillation and PVC.

These apps not only allow the patient and physician to communicate and share important information but they also allow medical students to access a wide variety of educational information such as the app called Heart Failure Trials where students are able to view medical services all around the country for evidence based medicine and heart failure.

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Here is where you will find some more information about the cardiology mobile apps and the numerous amounts of apps there are out there simply for this branch of medicine and HealthIT.
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