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      The idea of care coordination is to organize patient care among multiple participants. Changing everyday routines in a hospital or medical practice will improve patient care and make it more efficient. Coordination will be among the practice, hospitals, and specialists. Care coordination links patients to different sources. These resources should meet a patient’s needs making health care high quality

      Care coordination is emphasized by patient-centered medical home which is a technique to create medical homes with a higher quality that improves experience of care among providers and patients..


      Application of care coordination can be accomplished through Healthcare applications, new methods using Electronic Health Records (EHR), or organization and distribution of electronic data sources.

      An example could be a patient enrollment app that man ages patient policies and enroll them within a care coordination program. Another example is creating an alert system that can send automated alerts about events like hospital admissions or discharges, or medication changes. These alerts can be sent to relatives of the patient any hospital staff (nurses, doctors, etc.)

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