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CareCloud is a leading provider of cloud-based practice management, electronic health record and medical billing software and services. CareCloud is comprised of experts from across industries focusing on one goal: to revolutionize the healthcare experience. The company’s products are connecting physicians in more than 45 states to their patients and each other through a fully integrated digital healthcare ecosystem that can be accessed on any browser or device.

CareCloud's main mission is to create a digital ecosystem by leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect a disjointed healthcare industry and, ultimately, to improve the healthcare experience for patients, providers and healthcare professionals. They are giving medical practices sleek, easy-to-use software solutions to increase profitability and productivity. CareCloud has created a digital healthcare ecosystem where everyone in healthcare can transact on a business level and interact on a human level. This digital healthcare ecosystem is intended to give patients, payers and providers the means to exchange digital information quickly, a capability that is desperately lacking in the current state of healthcare software.

CareCloud can be summarized in these 7 points:

Aim to Amaze – They are committed to making the customer more successful and the level of service they provide is exceptional.
Innovation Drives Change – When trying to revolutionize an industry resistant to change, it requires creativity, problem solving and relentless innovation.
Powered by People – The success of any company is dependent on the people implementing the plan. CareCloud is composed of experts across many areas.
Complacency Kills – To be able to continue evolving CareCloud is constantly growing and improving.
Simplicity is Elegance – They strive for the perfect balance of form and function to improve usability without sacrificing style.
Integrity Above All – When people trust each other, they can accomplish more.
Have Fun – The goal is to help people and they take pride in building something that has never been done before.


  • Ease of Use - Giving ease of use the same level of attention as software features, functions and technical standards. A better user experience means saving time, avoiding frustration and preventing costly errors.
  • Access to Data - CareCloud’s web-based Practice Management, EHR and RCM solutions offer you the flexibility to work from any computer, even a Mac, and with any browser.
  • Complete Data Control - A totally customizable dashboard where you can organize your schedule and the tools you use most to reduce mistakes, missed priorities and time wasted clicking back and forth between applications.
  • HIPAA Compliance - CareCloud’s cloud-based healthcare software is 100% HIPAA compliant, meeting and exceeding government security standards for data transmission and storage.
  • Cloud Computing - A cloud-based system gives you the luxury of securely accessing your system wherever you have an Internet connection.
  • Practice Management Software - CareCloud’s next-generation practice management software is perfect for small-to-large practices and healthcare organizations looking to increase profits, improve clinical workflow and enhance the patient experience.
  • Professional Services - They provide implementation and training services to new clients and simplify the transition process to CareCloud’s solutions.

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