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Description:CarePrescribe, Powered by PrematicsTM, is the first fully-managed, electronic prescribing service first offered to physicians throughout Florida. The Medicare-qualified electronic prescribing service has now expanded to San Antonio as of February 2009. CarePrescribe is offered free to any health provider that participates in the Availity Health Information Network. Prescribers using CarePrescribe can ensure the medicine they prescribe is the most clinically-appropriate and cost-effective. Prescribers can also make better decisions using real-time access to patient medication history and possible alerts of drug-to-drug interaction available through the information they are granted access to through CarePrescribe. Also, CarePrescribe allows prescribers to manage new prescription orders through their connection with SureScript-RxHub, which has certified more than 95% of retail pharmacies nationwide for electronic processing. This connection with SureScript-RxHub can help to reduce errors associated with prescribing the wrong medication. Eliminating unnecessary medications being prescribed and costly medical errors is the future of the healthcare industry.

As an added bonus, portable systems provisioned by Prematics are available to eligible prescribers in Florida and Texas. These systems include a personal digital assistant (PDA) preinstalled with CarePrescribe, a thermal printer, and high-speed access. These systems are offered free of charge, along with installation, training, and support. Also, physicians prescribing electronically using programs like CarePrescribe are eligible for federal Medicare program incentives through 2013.

Availity CarePrescribe, powered by Prematics, is a free e-prescribing service designed to reduce preventable medication errors and save you and your staff hours a week by reducing pharmacy calls and faxes related to prescription renewals.

CarePrescribe is a Medicare-qualified e-prescribing service, meaning physicians prescribing electronically via means such as CarePrescribe are able to receive incentives from the federal Medicare program through 2013. CarePrescribe is fully compliant with HIPAA regulatory requirements and runs on the secure Availity web portal and is accessible anywhere you're connected to the Internet; nothing to download or install.

Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) and Availity, LLC today (08/24/10) announced the deployment of CarePrescribe, an electronic prescribing service, at no charge to eligible physician practices in Kentucky. Following the successful introduction of Availity CarePrescribe in Florida and Texas - where approximately 2,000 physicians are using the system - Kentucky physicians now have access to the free service as a valuable tool in improving efficiency, safety and quality, while reducing patient costs.

The program started in Florida and has since started in San Antonio because of its success in the Sunshine State.
  • Free to qualified physicians
  • Reduces patient costs
  • Improves prescribing efficiency
  • Physicians get incentives from the federal Medicare program
  • Increases safety

Service Requirements for Doctors' Office

Service Use
CarePrescribe is sponsored for you, meaning there will be no installation or use fees* to
you associated with this service, provided that you agree to the service use requirements:

Each registered provider must commit to use CarePrescribe to electronically write at
least 50 percent of his or her monthly prescriptions, or 150 prescriptions per month,
whichever is greater.

Your practice must have the following technology components in place:

A broadband Internet connection that can be used to run CarePrescribe and a computer
with an operating system of Windows 2000 or newer that is connected to the Internet.
(CarePrescribe is not compatible with Mac computers.)

A laser printer that is connected to a computer with Internet access and is your staff
able to print to it from more than one computer in your office. (This printer will be
used to print controlled substance prescriptions and patient receipts. Your practice is
responsible for supplying paper and toner.)
Service Deployment

You must designate a practice champion who will participate in a 30-minute
Quick-Start call (required to begin installation) within three days of submitting
your registration.

You must provide the assistance necessary during the deployment process so that we
can ensure your service go-live date will occur within three weeks.

You must allow for the installation of software on the office computer that runs your
practice management system so that this system can be integrated with CarePrescribe, and
the installation of equipment on-site such as Wi-Fi access points by a designated technician.


(Note: All training is by phone. On-site training is not available.)

Each registered prescriber must participate in a 30-minute Web-based training
session on your “go-live day” and a 20-minute workflow consult two weeks after
your “go-live” day. Each prescriber must write at least 50 e-prescriptions in advance
of the two-week consult appointment.

Each designated staff member you wish to register must participate in an hour-long
Web-based training session on your go-live day.
*Fees: If a prescriber does not meet such service use requirements, your practice will be charged a $75 fee
each month that the prescriber does not meet the service use requirements. Your practice will have a one-time
option to terminate service within 30 days of your activation without penalty. Should your practice choose to
cancel service after 30 days and before one year of service, it will be charged a fee of $500 for that cancelation.
NOTE: We will track each prescriber’s average number of monthly prescriptions from third-party data sources.
Your practice will have the opportunity (prior to installation) to review the projected total monthly prescription
volume, collectively and by individual prescriber, and to provide us with self-reported information that confirms
or contests the accuracy of that information. In cases where third-party data is unavailable, the practice will be
asked to provide self-reported monthly prescription volumes.

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