Nanocrystalline Calcium Phosphate

In March of 2010 the FDA gave its approval for ETEX Corporation, an advanced biomaterials research company, to launch CarriGen Porous Bone Substitute Material. CarriGen is bone void filler for the pelvis, extremities and spine, including posterolateral spine fusion. The new bone-replacement material is the first highly porous bone-graft substitute that sets hard upon implantation which results in a complete fill.
After being hydrated with saline or blood, CarriGen viscous putty can be injected or molded to fill a defect. The CarriGen material provides compressive strength comparable to that of cancellous bone when it sets hard upon implantation. “The resulting osteoconductive scaffold, the CarriGen material once it’s hardened, offers interconnected porosity that facilitates cell-mediated remodeling at the same rate as the surrounding bone,” according to the Etex Corporation website. What this means is that the scaffold grows and develops the same way real bone does. Once the fill has been made the scaffold will adopt the same growth rate as an individual’s real bones. The scaffold’s nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology, a chemically compatible carrier, has been proven to be safe and successfully utilized in over 10,000 implantations.

ETEX president and CEO, Brian Ennis, said that, "While a number of respective bone growth factors continue to populate the market landscape, none of them possess any intrinsic biomechanical characteristics, nor do they possess a biologically compatible scaffold that optimizes user handling and placement." The ETEX Corporation, established in 1989, develops, manufactures and commercializes calcium phosphate-based biomaterials for orthopedic clinical results. It is a leader in cell mediated remodeling bone substitute materials. ETEX concentrates on increasing applications through combinations with cells, biologics, or therapeutic agents delivered in minimally invasive and simple to use systems.

Resource: https://secure.etexcorp.com/press._carrigen.html