Term: Center for Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare - CPAHC

Description: C-PAHC is a Medical Records Institute(MRI) works with a range of healthcare application developers on cell phones and sees them as the next step in essential health information. As the natural successor to the Mobile Healthcare Alliance, C-PAHC will work with developers to encourage and coordinate these developments. CPAHC is an membership-based international forum where developers and other parties can share ideas related to the use of cell-phone technology and medicine (CPAHC).

Due to the launch of Apple's 3G iPhone, several vendors have debuted cell phone- or PDA-based applications, including Epocrates, AirStrip technologies and Opus Healthcare Solutions. Many other developers are currently beta-testing applications or promising new products in the coming months.
"The mHealth Initiative, Inc., incorporated in Massachusetts, was unveiled Sunday in Palm Springs, Calif., during the opening day of MRI's 25th annual Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR+) conference and exhibition. The new organization is open to vendors, groups and individuals and focuses on the latest information on health applications through mobile devices (mDevices)"
[[http:// http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/medical-records-institute-launches-mobile-tech-initiative|HealthcareITNews]]

CPAHC will facilitate international collaboration that could standardize, improve, or create the following:
  • An iPhone or Blackberry application that would allow you to access your Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Storing your EHR on a cellular phone.
  • Epocrates is one of the largest drug index data bases in the world and it has taken a huge stake in the mobile space.
  • Nurses and doctors and med students all over can use Epocrates on their mobile devices to look up drugs and reference other sources.
  • Medical notifications to patients from health-care-providers via text messages, such as: doctor appointments, test results, and emergency updates.
  • Notification of emergency contacts when someone has been admitted to a hospital. A system could be put in place that would notify an emergency contact that their loved-one has been admitted to the hospital. The emergency contact (which could be listed in an EHR) would be notified via text message. There could even be a link in the text message with directions to the hospital via Google Maps (which you can access directly on many smart-phones).
  • Mobile medical reference / assistance software for health-care-providers, such as: Lexi-Drugs, Epocrates and QxMD.

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CPAHC: http://www.medrecinst.com/cellphone/index.html
Digital Health Care: http://www.digitalhcp.com/2008/08/26/mri-calls-for-health-mobile-phone-organization.html




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