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What Is It
The Center for Environmental Health Sciences is a center dedicated to studying and promoting of research into biological effects. Their purpose is to try and predict how exposures affect human health. They believe that three fundamental aspects influence the natural exposure.
These three components are:
  • Nature of Duration
  • Duration of that Exposure
  • And how well an organism is equipped to handle the exposure
Goals of the CEHS:
To achieve and create an intellectual hub that fosters that will help answer biological health environment questions and to help those who are already in the process of answering these questions. This seems to be the main focus of this establishment. They seem focused on finding these answers and using their strength in research to help.

Strength in Research
The departments in the CEHS is made up of 30 MIT members and one haarvard member. The research department has some of the most advanced equipment. They use a wide variety of biological organisms used for study and have instruments such as a " x-ray crystallography to high-throughput functional genomics, from mathematical modeling to microbial and human population based genetics, and from two-photon microscopy to mouse knockout and RNAi technology. "(http://cehs.mit.edu). As you can see these boys have the big toys for their purpose.

Pilot Programs
One of the ways that the CEHS does its broad spectrum of research is by fundng Pilot Programs. Pilot programs are basicall to help provide support to to innovators in research who may not recieve support. They are used for innovative ideas that can be completed in about a year. These programs recieve help of professionals in the area of environmental health issues or whatever the research is in.

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