Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC)

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The Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) is a neutral research organization based in Washington, D.C. The HSC creates and conducts studies mainly on the U.S. health care system to influence the policy makers in the government and private parties.
The HSC does not take policy positions because of their neutrality, they are a great resource for the decision makers on both sides of the issues because their trustworthy data and unbiased analysis.

The main purpose of the Center for Studying Health System Change is to inform policy makers and private decision makers on how the changes in health care affect people. Anybody can use their unbiased high-quality research to make important decisions on health care.

Their research effort is the Community Tracking Study (CTS) which is a set of surveys focused on the community. They narrow down the study to 12 communities out of the initial 40 and visit them every 2 years, conducting surveys on those that are involved in the health care system such as physicians and those that will be affected by the changes in health care, the households.

The Household Survey was to find out about whether they were satisfied with their health care and insurance coverage.

The Physician Survey focused on the problems they had with practicing medicine, quality of care, access to services, information technology, sources of practice revenue and compensation, as well as questions about their practice arrangements and care practices.

The Site Visits was where researchers explored the influences in health care organizations by interviewing health care leaders in 12 sites.

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