Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization

Description: The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization is a center for research located at Linköping University in Sweden. The center was developed in 2002 and is composed of 30 postgraduates and about 70 professional research scientists. The director of the center is Dr Anders Persson. The main focus of this center is to provide answers to health care problems through the use of 3-D imaging. There are four main areas of study and research that the CMIV accentuates.

· Data Acquisition / Image Reconstruction – develop more advanced software to reconstruct much more raw data in various ways.
· Image Analysis / Modeling - develop methods to lowering the number of information from images and to analyzing it to create more clinical information.
· Visualization / Simulation – to aid in the development of virtual reality and three dimensional objects to make it more efficient to analyzing the data.
· Medical Application – assist in the integrating of data from images and health information and skills.

· MRI – Phillips Medical Systems Achieva 1.5T
· CT – Siemens (SOMATOM) an advanced scanner used to take pictures of the heart, regardless of the rate.
· Segment – Software for cardiac Image Analysis

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