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Cerner was founded by Neal Patterson, Cliff Illig, and Paul Gorup in 1979. The original aim was to create a system structure for healthcare. In the 1990’s, it evolved into Cerner's Community Health Model and continues today by searching for a health economy strategy. Today Cerner has over 6,000 clients world wide and still provides the best services to clients by developing systems specific to each individuals needs. Cerner is currently the largest pure health care information company in the United States. Cerner products aim to provide organized and well managed data in hospitals as well as other medical facilities. Price of such a systems implementation is generally only in the scope of large medical organization. Primary concerns of Cerner solutions involve the utilization of Electronic Medical Records and Computerized Physicain Order Entry forms.

Cerner has maintained the title of “one of the leaders” in the Health Information System field, not only in the US but also in Europe, by offering solutions for all aspects of health from the consumer to the physician to financial services. A great number of Cerner clients are hospitals and clinics such as MedStar Health, which is the largest healthcare system in the Baltimore/Washington region.

The company offers remote hosting, operational management services, support and maintenance, healthcare data analysis, clinical process optimization, transaction processing for physicians, employer health plan third party administrator services and much more. Their continued assistance in the advancement of the Health Industry has won them many awards such as the Certification Commision for Health Care Information Technology.

Cerner Millennium 2007 – provides access to electronic medical records at the point of care, and organizes and delivers information for all medical and administrative staff as well as consumers. This platform also includes Bedrock technology that automates the implementation and management of Cerner Millennium 2007.
CareAware – a device architecture that connects medical devices and patient information by connecting information from various devices to the clinician workflow and electronic medical record
CernerWorks – services to manage technology risks for clients through remote hosting
Lights On Network – a surveillance system that identifies performance issues in real time
RxStation – medication dispensing devices
PowerWorks – physician practice solutions
Millennium Lighthouse - a consulting practice that works with clients to determine previously unidentified and unconnected relationships between healthcare processes.

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