Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) – This occupation combines the knowledge needed from information technology and nursing. The job would include applying, analyzing, implementing, and constructing health information technology to benefit nurses in doing their job.

How to become a CNIO

  • Have a bachelors degree in nursing
  • Obtain an RN license in state of residency
  • Have a certification or wok experience in clinical or nursing informatics


In addition to developing and implementing informatics to benefit nursing. The individual must also work with other health care professionals to ensure that everyone has the same end goals in mind; Communication skills are essential in this field. The main goal of this job is to make sure that new technology is benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.


The importance of engaging nurses in this field is crucial because they generally have the most direct contact with the patient are usually the first and last person a patient see’s. Ensuring that these individuals are educated in this filed is beneficial for everyone involved. The goals that application of information and clinical systems to nursing are to improve quality of care and safety, to be able to track performance, and to get patients more involved in their care.

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Related Terminology

Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)- This is a similar position to a CNIO but instead of nursing, the position involves applying, developing and creating clinical technologies in order to help doctors better treat their patients.


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Information systems flowchart in hospitals


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