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What if you could slip away into another world or dimension in time, totally forgetting about what is going on around you? What if you were someone who has been diagnosed with claustrophobia and needed certain tests performed due to a life threatening condition? Some may argue that you simply can not drift off to another world. However, there is a way. Cinema Vision Goggles. What are Cinema Vision Goggles?

Cinema Vision is, for all intents and purposes, a personal movie theater that is used by cutting-edge MRI specialists. These goggles allow for the user to be visually and mentally stimulated while undergoing MRI procedures. Now, the cost is nominal, but the overall benefits are priceless. For example, one little girl was being prepped for a MRI that should have only taken about 40 minutes, well, that quickly turned into a few hours. Imagine yourself lying on a cold, stainless steel table, inside the dark cavity of some noisy machine for what would seem like an eternity to a young child?


Patients will be able to enter their own virtual world through special CinemaVision goggles, complete with headphones, that shut out the machine noise and allow them to watch their own DVD selections while the MRI procedure takes place. Comfortable goggles display your favorite show as if you were at the movie theater. The system includes headgear, goggles and cords, contains no metal parts that could be drawn into the MRI magnet, and allows the staff to communicate with patients through the headphones and a microphone on the patient's headset.


The CinemaVision Goggles were made for individuals who suffer from claustrophobia. Those with claustrophobia have a fear of tight places and an MRI is their worst nightmare. Not only would they be forced to go into a tight space, but depending on how complex the test is, an MRI can take up to an hour or even more. Also MRI's are not very quiet and can sometimes make a lot of loud noises and are told to wear earplugs. So a claustrophobic patient being forced into a tight spot for over an hour with loud noises is almost like being in hell for the patient.

Benefits of Cinema Vision Goggles:
  • Helps patients deal with claustrophobia
  • Virtually eliminates sedation costs in hospital
  • Saves time and money by completing the procedure the first time around

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