Developed by Gold Standard, a leading developer of drug information databases, Clinical Pharmacology was designed to provide health professionals with accurate drug information. The subscription-based service is considered to be a pioneer in the realm of electronic drug information databases. Clinical Pharmacology's database is updated constantly, clinically relevant, and peer-reviewed in order to provide it's subscribers with the most complete and accurate drug information. Clinical Pharmacology has recently revamped the user interface of their system, making it even easier for health professionals to access information, begin reports, and visit the patient education department. The systems "Quick Drug IDentifier" enables its subscribers to efficiently distinguish unknown drug capsules. Clinical Pharmacology's Content and Features are presented in four main sections, Reports, Find/List, Patient Education, and a helpful Resource Center. Within the Reports section, product comparison reports are provided to show comparable products based on ingredients, along with adverse reaction reports, clinical comparison reports, IV compatibility reports, and patient reports. The Find/List section provides easy to find monographs and specialized lists. The easy to use Patient Education drop-down menu shows patient drug information. And lastly, within the Resource Center one can locate valuable reference information including updated and expanded lab references. Clinical Pharmacology delivers drug information in multiple formats in order to accommodate each particular user. The formats include internet based, intranet based, and Windows-based CD-ROM.


Clinical Pharmacology can be used by pharmacists and other health professionals to access a vast drug database consisting of information about various prescription drugs. It is nearly impossible for health professionals to memorize each and every drug on the market, so a database like Clinical Pharmacology is a great tool to assist them in their decision making.

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