Clinical and Translational Science Award


The Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program in the NCATS Division of Clinical Innovation aims to strengthen and support the entire spectrum of translational research from scientific discovery to improved patient care. The program supports a national consortium of more than 60 medical research institutions that work together to transform this process. These awards require a significant investment in bio-medical informatics to support the translational science. They have accordingly been a boon to the development of translational bioinformatics and clinical research informatics. Its goals are to accelerate the process of translating laboratory discoveries into treatments for patients, train a new generation of clinical and translational researchers, and engage communities in clinical research efforts.

CTSA-supported investigators are transforming basic discoveries into tangible improvements in human health by focusing on:
  • Data-sharing and informatics tools
  • Translational research training
  • Innovative collaborations
  • Multi-study regulatory hurdles
  • Patient recruitment
  • Other key areas of research involving people


Innovative tools and resources generated and supported by the CTSA community help facilitate research progress:
  • Funding Information: The CTSA program supports funding opportunities for specialized core research facilities and clinical research training. Additional funding opportunities support small business research collaborations and scientific conferences.

  • Engaging Communities in Research: To ensure that broad and unique community health needs are addressed, it is crucial for research institutions to collaborate with community organizations throughout the research process. Through the CTSA program, NCATS has facilitated a broad range of programs that engage communities in dialogue about their health concerns and about clinical research.

  • Research Match: A secure online volunteer recruitment registry designed to provide individuals nationwide with opportunities to be considered for participation in research studies, including clinical trials.

  • i2iConnect: A database of industry contacts who are looking for new ideas and products. Researchers and other innovators can search by specialty and disease area to quickly find potential industry partners interested in their work.

  • CTSA-IP: A Web-based intellectual property search engine that aggregates and promotes technologies from CTSA institutions and NIH to enhance research activity and encourage private partnerships.

  • The Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE) clinical data repository provides investigators with access to large, independent patient populations for use in multisite research studies.

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