Clinical Context Object Working Group (CCOW)

CCOW is a vendor independent standard developed by the HL7 organization to allow clinical applications to share information at the point of care. Applications are visually integrated when they work together in ways that the user can see in order to enhance the user's ability to incorporate information technology as part of the care delivery process. Using a technique known as context management, the clinical user’s experience is one of interacting with a single system, when in fact he or she may be using multiple, independent applications from many different systems, each via its native user interface.
CCOW works for both client-server and web-based applications. CCOW also supports mapping agents, which map equivalent identifiers when the context is updated so that applications can interoperate without sharing the same identification information for patients or users.

CCOW has developed a formal relationship with the HL7 Security Work Group.

Electronic Medical Record
Can be used in a radiology, lab, portal software and billing applications are now CCOW compliant.

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