Description: Computer Human Interfaces (CHI) are the machines that are used in the interaction of humans and computers. In the health care profession a CHI can be described as the personal hand held computers that many nurses and offices are using to transport data into a computer, or the many other applications being developed to help with patient care. Computer Human Interfaces are primarily created and used to make the lives of the people benefiting from the more effecient or easier.

Applications: CHI's are one of the many forms of technology that are becoming more previlent on the health IT scene. These machines have begun to replace paper in the clinics and health care centers. The additions of CHI allows for a nurse or doctor to record a patients data in an on-site computer.

Some fields in the Computer Human Interface being used are:
  • Motion Sensing technologies
  • Touchscreen technologies
    • Reduce the need for a keyboard or mouse (more mobile). Touchscreen computers in hospitals, pda's, phones, televisions, etc.
  • Miniturized technologies
    • Miniature Eye Screens
      • This could be worn by doctors right infront of their eyes, and attached to cameras in or by the patient, giving the effect of a 30inch screen at 2 meters away. This could provide a better than the eye view.
  • Neural Input Devices
    • OCZ's Neural Input Device
      • Assigns up to 11 inputs for mouse or keystrokes to Neural movements. This technology could be used for paraplegics.
  • Touchless Gesture Controls
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Remote Applications
    • Surgery Robots operated by Medical Personel Hundreds or Thousands of miles away
  • Voice Activated Technologies

As you can see the technologies for Computer Human Interfaces are endless, and the possibilities are great. These Interfaces can be geared to people who have trouble, or are unable to perform certain functions an ordinary person is capable of performing.

As technology flourishes, so does the capabilities of CHI. Scientists and entrepreneurs are always coming up with new, better, faster, effecient, and more stylish CHI's.

Terminology: Computer Human Interactions