Consumer Health Informatics


Consumer Health Informatics is the branch of medical informatics that analyses consumers’ needs for information; studies and implements methods of making information accessible to consumers; and models and integrates consumers’ preferences into medical information systems.*

The idea of Consumer Health Informatics or (CHI) is providing patients with e-health tools. E-health tools are the practice of using the internet to communicate with a health care provider to process, or access health records. These e-health tools also allow an easy way to exchange data through different healthcare providers.

Consumer Health Informatic tools can be described as tools that perform the following:
  1. Primarily designed to interact with health information users or consumers (anyone who seeks or uses health care information for nonprofessional work).
  2. Interacts directly with the consumer who provides personal health information to the CHI system and receives personalized health information from the tool application or system.
  3. Is one in which the data, information, recommendations or other benefits provided to the consumer, may be used with a healthcare professional, but is not dependent on a healthcare professional.

Consumer Health Information has several useful applications.
These are some of the e-health tools used in a (CHI) system. In Electronic Medical Records the e-health tools allow quick and easy way for health care providers to send and receive data to each other about patients.Another application the (CHI) e-health tools provide is Telemedicine which allows medical information to be transferred over a telephone line or the internet. This process will allow for two or more medical care professional to collaborate on a patients diagnosis and treatment. One more insistence these e-health tools open the door for is m-health this will let a mobile device collect data on a patient and have real time updates sent to health care professional(s).

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Here is one example of an eHealth device.
Here is one example of an eHealth device.

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