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DR Systems is an independent company which specializes in the transformation of old and out-dated paper systems used by hospitals. The IT teams at DR Systems inspect the hospital and determine the best way to implement a computer based system. Basically, DR systems is a company just like any other IT company that implements a computer based system to a company. DR systems however only deal with hospitals and the Health Informatics side of the IT field. The goal of DR Systems is to enhance the clinical and financial success of the medical imaging customers. The 500 and over successful installations across the U.S have improved patient care while reducing errors and creating better patient turnaround time. DR Systems has been voted “Best in KLAS” for the years 2006 and 2007.

DR Systems facts:
Founded: 1992
Co-founders: Murray Reicher, M.D, and Evan K. Fram, M.D.
Chairman and Co-Founder: Murray A. Reicher, M.D.
Director of Center Operations: Lisa Adams
Awards: 2006, 2007, and 2008 "Top 20: Best in KLAS" PAC vender

There are many advantages to using DR systems for the implementation of a computer based system in the Health informatics realm. First they DR systems offer a complete overview of the hospital through examining the hospital’s employees and task. This will in turn create a very efficient system that is easy to learn and more importantly easy to use. All of the tasks are tightly integrated so there leaves no gaps for error. DR Systems has been in the business for a very long time so the implementation of their systems is very fast. These means less cost to the hospital and less time for confusion while in the process of implementation. Another great aspect of DR systems is their comprehensive tech support. DR systems will not leave the hospital after implementation. Instead they will always be right there helping the hospital with any problems that might incur.

Tools used by DR Systems:
  • · RIS
  • · CVIS
  • · PACS
  • · WebPACS
  • · Zero download web-based scheduling
  • · Zero download web-based clinical review
  • · Workflow, patient, and film tracking
  • · Document scanning, printing, and faxing
  • · Dictation/speech recognition
  • · Transcription
  • · Advanced image processing
  • · Peer review
  • · Connectivity (HL7, CCOW, DICOM)
  • · Orthopedic templates
  • · Output to billing systems or services

Professional services offered:
  • · Advanced report management
  • · Advance application training
  • · Interface services
  • · Project management
  • · Data migration
  • · Transcription service
  • · Disaster recovery/business continuance

  • DR Systems have partnered with many of the world’s leading technology companies. Few of which are listed below.
  • · Vmware
  • · HP
  • · NEC display solutions
  • · Microsoft
  • · DOME
  • · Sybase
  • · Vidar
  • · ViewSonic
  • · IMO
  • · Dell

Related Terminology:
PACS : Picture Archiving Communication systems
RIS: Radiology Information Systems
CVIS: Cardiovascular Information systems

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