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The Daily Plate, produced by the Livestrong foundation, is a online website that helps keep track of your health by tracking nutrition and exercise. The Daily Plate has two versions, one that they provide for free and the other is their Gold program that has a monthly fee. The main idea behind Daily Plate is it gives you a tool to track many different aspects of your life. These aspects include: weight, daily food in take, exercise, amount of water drank, and even track the nutritional values of the foods you eat. The way this works by having the user search for the food item they have eaten over a day. The site proides basic foods along with many popular restaurants and fast food places. Once selected, it automatically adds the nutritional value to thier "daily plate". The exercise aspect works similarly to the food side. You find what you did from a list and input the amount of time you did the activity. This then minus the calories from your intake and tells you a net calorie in take for the day.external image livestrong-app1.jpg

The daily plate not only helps to track what your eating and how well your working out but it also provides information on what kind of foods to eat. The website describes how different foods effect the body. If someone is trying to gain weight or if someone is trying to suppress their hunger, the Daily plate provides such foods that would help.


The Daily Plate has a large community base. The website allows you to interact with others using Daily Plate. It allows you to join groups and find others with similar life goals, in particular weight loss and fitness, and support or encourage each other through online posts. This allows users to communicate with others and help each other with any problems they may face throughout their weight regimen and provides a place where users can talk to other users for advice and motivational purposes. There's also an area where users are able to upload pictures of themselves to show their before and after performance.


Track: weight loss, calories, nutritional value, exercise

Graphs and Charts: weight loss over a period of time, breakdown of diet (percentage of carbs, fats, ects)

Daily Plate provides easy ways to track your progress


Overall the main idea behind the daily plate is to give the users a tool to help lose weight and become more healthy. This gives a basic idea of how the user is doing over a period of time. The program also provides many ways for users to reach their goals along with plenty of ways to gain support. It also has a strong emphasis on educating the user so they can make healthier decisions even after reach their goals.

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This is the begining screen for users
This is the begining screen for users