Dell State Health Services


Dell State Health Services is a subdivision of the Dell Corporation created in March 2010 in order to improve the healthcare system. Due to the need for technological progression, each state has to meet the federal requirements (Dell State Health Services). State may look forward to receive assistance from Dell in creating an effective plan that meets ARRA for funding (Rouse, searchhealthit). Dell State Health Services is willing to assist the States update their health IT infrastructure by optimizing technology, providing business solutions and integrating health management solutions.

In additionally, variation in services will be provided to the states such as readiness assessments and consulting services coupled with cost-effective technology and business solutions (Pennic, hitconsultant). As a result, Dell’s technology and consulting services will not only allow state health organization to meet new requirements within the healthcare reform legislation but provide solutions to the nation's only state insurance exchange.

In the context of health informatics, Dell practice intends to address serious matter within healthcare such as expanding Medicare, modernizing infrastructure along with an increase efficient business process in billing and enrollment solutions, call center operations, and consumer-oriented communication platforms (Lewis, informationweek). According to Dell, in order to do so, the company installs and operates an advanced IT system that manages the Connector’s billing, enrollment, financial and data management requirements. Also,they operates a multi-lingual customer call center which assists every enrollee to understand the program and the ways it will best suits their needs. In addition, Dell State Health services examine healthcare infrastructure needs and answer the question regarding HIE based on residents and state. Dell is proud to say that their services address certain new demands each state systems will have to handle such as Health Insurance Exchanges, Health Information Exchanges, Co-Operative insurance organizations and consumer-related portals. On their website, Dell states that “They can help develop the proof of concept, address initial funding and sustaining funding models, and should you decide an HIE is a good option, we have some of the best expertise in the country in building and management successful HIEs”(Dell).

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