Dictation Equipment

Dictation equipment includes devices that are made for the purpose of recording and playing back sounds. Common components of these devices include a microphone for picking up sound, a storage media to hold material, buttons to control playback, and speakers(s) to play back sound.

With the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) for patients, the use of dictation equipment and software can allow a physician to navigate as well as enter data into an EMR much more quickly than they could manually with a mouse and keyboard. An efficient combination of mouse, keyboard and voice provide the most rapid use of an EMR and reduce the time spent on paperwork.

Applications In Health Care
Dictation devices can be used in combination with dictation software (speech recognition technology) in order to improve accuracy and efficiency in medical transcription. The use of dictation equipment has improved healthcare facilities while improving document turnaround and workflow. Health Care facilities have many flexible device options and have the ability to choose the equipment that fits their needs the best. Some of these device options include:

  • Digital handheld recorders
  • PDA
  • Mobile phones
    • IPhone
    • Android
    • Windows
  • PC devices

Benefits of Dictation Equipment in Healthcare
  1. Easy voice capture and speech recognition capabilities. This makes it easier for the medical transcriptionist to capture the doctor's dictation with utmost accuracy. Doctors can submit their dictation via phone or other recording device to make the audio file available or translated into text files.
  2. Medical spell checking and dictionaries. Since it may be difficult to understand medical terminology and phrases, a medical spell checking function may be incorporated into the dictation equipment/ software. This also makes the data capture more accurate and can save time in the grammar and spell check process.
  3. Easy document distribution. After the report has passed quality control and is ready for submission, dictation equipment and software can make documents available in a variety of formats. The report can be synchronized to a doctor's handheld device or computer, or simply sent in electronic form for easy printing including in EHR/EMR.

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Common types of dictation equipment