Description -

A new technology by Proteus, the system includes wearable and ingestible sensors that communicate together to gather information about your activity, recovery patterns, and medication. First you swallow the ingestible sensor which you take with other medications to capture the exact moment of ingestion. It's powered by your stomach fluids since it has no battery or antenna and activates upon ingestion, it then has your body transmit a unique message generated by the sensor. A disposable patch is worn to capture the information from the sensor which detects heart rate, activity, rest and sends it all to your mobile device.

Applications -

It can be used to track a patient's health in ways that were previously unreachable. It can how a person reacts to their medications on a much more intimate level seeing how they absorb it, how their body responds to the medicine and how effective their recovery is while using it. It allows a person to track their well-being easily on their mobile devices to be better equipped in handling their health. Patient's physicians now have a better understanding of the effects of medications are taking on people.

Web resources -


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Related terms -

Digital Health - is the combining of digital devices and health care to provide better patient care.

Smart Drug - a variety of medicines combined to improve a person’s health in a coordinated effort.


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