Term: Document Storage

Description: Document storage is the manner in which documents, both physical and electronic, are stored in such a manner that they are protected and secure. Document storage solutions are ideal for off site backups of critical data. Companies that provide this type of solution offer secure facilities where the data is protected from natural disasters as well as from intruders. One of the main leaders in this field is Iron Mountain.


  • Physical preservation: This aspect of document storage pertains to all companies that need to retain copies of their data. The physical preservation portion of document storage pertains to how the paper documents and backup tapes.
  • Storage: Storage allows for information to be compressed into the facilities of another location. This will eliminate the amount of space that is required for documents at the on-site location.
  • Cultural Preservation: This is important to how the information is organized once it reaches the document storage location. Records are categorized by name, company, division of the company, date, and when the data needs to be retrieved.
  • Bibliometrics: This aspect of document management involves functions of indexing, generating statistics and taxonomies, and improving the usability of large collections of documents. Today, the science of bibliometrics is largely concerned with managing the impact of electronic technologies. This aspect must also deal with ISBN numbers, Library of Congress data and other standards.
  • Digital Content Management: Digital content management is concerned with the different variations that files can be stored in. In the event that electronic information must be stored in another electronic location, it must meet the compatibility standards of that product in the event that it needs to be accessed if there is a data obstruction.
  • Destruction: A schedule on which documents are to be destroyed needs to be comprised. This schedule will decide how often documents need to be destroyed in order to prevent too much information from overcrowding the allotment of space available at the space assigned for file storage.
  • Security: To ensure that information is secure, this often includes locking up the data, adding watermarks, and requiring secure authentication.
  • Transportation: Methods of transportation include the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or hand delivery.

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