What is Doximity?

Doximity is a social networking program for physicians and medical students that launched in 2011. It currently has around 700,000 members and about 30% of all physicians in the United States have profiles. Physicians that create profiles on Doximity have their Drug Enforcement Administration number or Medical License checked before being verified. Thus, users can be certain that every physician on the social networking site is credible. As of right now, Doximity is available to users on Android, iPad, iPhone, and the web.

Why was Doximity launched?

The initial reason as to why Doximity was founded was to help physicians share important information about their patients more easily in a HIPPA secure setting. "The average primary care physician in the United States refers patients to 250 different specialists at 117 different practices and hospitals in a given year." Since physicians have to engage in so much communication, a better medium was needed to locate and contact each other and Doximity provides just that. The messaging software complies with all federal health regulations and is extremely resourceful for quick communication. "According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, miscommunication between care providers is the root cause of 65 percent of serious medical errors." For that reason, the fifth leading cause of death in America is doctors. With Doximity's help, this number will surely decline.


Doximity contains a directory for users to search and find physicians, pharmacies, labs and hospitals in the United States. Users can base their search by specialty, location, insurers, and much more. This tool allows users to easily locate medical professionals and medical facilities meeting their desired criteria.

Users of Doximity are given customizable profiles. These profiles allow physicians to the achievements and highlights of their medical careers. Physicians can include their medical school, publications, expertise and anything else they feel is important to convey to their colleagues.


The social tool provides users with the ability to view all of their colleagues in a single location. That way, a physician can find important information about the professionals he or she works with much easier. Colleagues can be sorted and searched according to certain criteria as well. Therefore, if a Doximity user wants to search for a who specializes in treating "Diabetes in Texas" all he or she would have to do is search "Diabetes TX"


Doximity specializes in making collaboration among doctors easier. Colleagues can be sent HIPPA secure text messages that notify users when they have been viewed. These text messages can also include pictures. In addition to messages, Doximity also provides every user with a fax number. "Anyone can fax a document directly to that number. From a smartphone or tablet device, a physician can use Doximity’s app to reply, save, sign, date, forward, and even print the document. Once the fax is received, it notifies doctors."


iRound's is a feature of Doximity that allows users to converse in a real time forum. This component of Doximity helps physicians discuss specific patient circumstances, research and any other information they want feedback on. Below is a picture showing how iRounds works.


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