The E-Urinal is a concept Urinal designed by Royce Zhang. Zhang visions a future where a simple trip to the bathroom can provide up to date and useful knowledge to individuals about their overall health. The design features a touch screen attached to the top of the Urinal that requires interaction before urination. Once the session has begun, the individual urinates into the E-Urinal where the built in sensors analyze the urine in real time. The E-Urinal takes various measurements that are explained below and uses these measurements to provide an overall health score.

E-Urinal Measurements:
  • PH: Is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution ranging from 0-14 with 7 as neutral. Lower the number higher the acidity and higher the number higher alkalinity.
  • SG (Specific Gravity): Urine Specific Gravity is a laboratory test that measures the concentration of all chemical particles in the urine of liquids to other solid substances. This test can give early signs of renal diseases.
  • URO (Urine Urea Nitrogen): Urine urea nitrogen is a measure of protein breakdown in the body.
  • BLO: Tests for traces of blood in the urine sample.
  • WBC (White Blood Cell): Measures the amount of white blood cells found in the urinary tract
  • PRO: Tests the protein levels in the urine. (Used for detecting kidney diseases)
  • GLU: Tests the levels of Glucose in the urine sample.
  • BIL: Tests the amount of urine bilirubin found in the system
  • KET(Ketones): Used for tracking how hydrated the body is.


Essentially the E-Urinal allows individuals the benefit of getting a Urinalysis test done without the hassle of scheduling and paying for a doctor visit. By tracking the measurements mentioned above individuals will be able to attain knowledge about their bodies and take appropriate action should there be any warnings.

The E-Urinal would also allow individuals to detect evidence of diseases, even those that have not shown significant signs or symptoms(Medicine.Net). By having this technology accessible to the public on a daily basis, individuals will be alerted the moment their urine shows signs of a particular disease (such as kidney failure). This will allow people to get help and treatment immediately and in turn increase their chances of making a full recovery. The E-Urinal will save time and money. Having the E-Urinal in place for early detection will allow doctors to treat the patients before the disease progresses, for example, if the E-Urinal detected the early signs of kidney failure the patient could begin taking medicine before the kidneys had actually failed. This could save a patient from having to get a kidney transplant. Lastly, instead of peeing in a cup at a doctor visit the E-Urinal could enhance this unconformable experience.

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Urinalysis: A urinalysis is simply an analysis of the urine. It is a very common test that can be performed in many healthcare settings including doctors' offices, urgent care facilities, laboratories, and hospitals. (Medicine.Net)


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E-Urinal For Monitoring Your Pee’s Health
E-Urinal For Monitoring Your Pee’s Health

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