Business casual attire is usually the standard for a presentation of a project.

Great idea!

Slightly disorganized and some members seemed unprepared

Good ideas. The database seemed to work well.

Slightly disorganized and some members seemed unprepared

Don't look at the screen when presenting. The concept could be very beneficial for doctors to share information over a common connection so I like the ideas for it.

The formatting of the site could look a little more professional on the register page. But you guys definitely accomplished what you guys set out to do. I understand how hard creating a website is


What happens if both physicians don't subscribe to the program?

Even though the graphs where an issue there could have been a screen shot that would give a real-life functional view or a representation of it.

I feel that the group's presentation lacked conviction; I wasn't convinced that their product is going to make an impact in the health informatics industry. However, the project seemed very well executed. The amount of information the group provided was substantial, and it was made evident that the group investigated their project's topics extensively.

Overall a very good idea but as with every new idea it does need some work.

I found it hard to focus on the group's objective. I came out of it not knowing the purpose of their project entirely. Nice website.

Final Project:

tProject Description: Our project focuses on having a EMR that is available to any Dr. at any time. Each Dr. uploads patient Medical record to EMR server. Each Dr. that participates in the EMR sharing program will have a secure log in and will be able to download encrypted patient data. Only specific IP addresses can obtain access. Maybe have a token that has Data to log into the server. Patients can also log in to see their EMR with the same secure log in. Dr.s will have to pay a one time registration fee of $100 and $5 for each transfer. (researching going rate) Campany name EHR is currently doing this. Still in the works.

Team: Ramona Coleman, April Johnson, June Logan, Catherine Zappia, Joseph Papciak, Sakol Wongsaroj



Mock Design

Rough working portal.


  • MedREX is a web portal that allows primary care physicians to upload and view medical records of various types for a patient. For example, a physician will be able to upload patient's x-ray findings, input prescriptions, list a history of procedures, etc... The web portal will be integrated with a database to store and manage patient information. Each patient will have a patient identification number, in order to ensure that their personal information will stay secure. Available in the cloud.

Team Members

  • April Johnson
  • Ramona Coleman
  • Sakol Wongsaroj
  • Joe Papciak
  • Cathrine Zappia
  • June Logan

Main Deliverable

  • MedREX will be a web portal accessed on any device using a web browser. It will be integrated with a database using MySQL and web development with php.


  • Encryption software = can we use similar encryption
  • ZenVault uses a patent-pending variant of the NSA-approved encryption that protects top-secret information, plus SSL-secured sessions on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Only you can access and edit your private medical records - anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • ZenVault understands your concerns about medical privacy. Your data is 100% yours and will never be shared. Period. Unlike other PHR systems, ZenVault does not sell or give away your information to insurance companies, marketers, the government, or other entities.
  • ZenVault is there when you need it - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. ZenVault uses ZeroNines' Always Available™ technology designed to protect the world's most sensitive financial and military computer systems. There is virtually no "downtime" or data loss with ZenVault

What will MedRex Do?

  • The MedREX web portal will have a secure physician/Nurse log in that will ensure that all medical information will remain secure. There are different levels of permissions to the data: View only, upload/view, All(upload, view, modify) and administrator. Data will be encrypted using the latest technology available. It will also integrate the information with a database so that pulling patient specific information will only take a matter of seconds. This web portal will eliminate the problems of having medical records written on paper, mistakenly getting lost, and being openly available to employees in the medical office. MedREX also creates a solution to the issue of not have instant access to patient records.


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The federal law that addresses our medical records is calledHIPAA (pronounced HIP-a), the Health Information Portability Accountability Act. These rules mostly address privacy issues, but are so extensive that many healthcare providers are still confused about how to enforce them. That confusion sometimes makes it difficult for us to get our records, even when we are entitled to them.
Who May Request Medical Records and Who Must Share Them
You must be the patient, or the parent or guardian of the patient for whom you seek records. Caregivers may be able to access records if the patient has provided written permission to the provider.
The US Department of Health and Human Services provides good background information for understand whomay, or may not, have access to your records.
Providers are required to keep most adult medical records for six years or more, although this varies by the state where the records are stored. In most states, children's records must be kept for three to 10 years beyond age 18 or 21. If you seek older records, contact the provider to see if they are available.

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  • Security
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  • Improved Documentation
  • Test and lab results, EKGs and X-rays can all be entered automatically into our EMR thus reducing the risk of data entry errors or missing the information altogether. Health maintenance prompts alert physicians and office staff to missing or required patient information that has not been completed. Never again will you have to worry about have incomplete notes.
  • Quality of Care
  • Our EMR can also be used to track patient follow-up activity, patient compliance, and patient progress.
  • Increased Resources
  • By switching to our EMR you will no longer have a need for those huge filing cabinets. Toss those cumbersome objects away and use the space for other needs, such as more exam rooms or to increase the size of your waiting room. Office staff time will no longer be utilized hunting down records and filing: multi-user access will allow staff to update patient records immediately.

MedREX is Different

We allow a portal for Medical professionals to upload any type of medical record for your patients. You can upload raw dictation, xrays, labwork, EMAR’s, history and whatever type of record you need to upload to assist in the care of shared patients. We use encryption and have a database in which to store all the records for quick searching if needed. We will only charge $75/month. a lot cheaper than the competitors. Records available at any time. Can upload from anywhere in the world at any time.

Project Timeline

  • The web portal will be created in HTML using DreamWeaver by Sakol
  • The database will be created by Joe and Cathrine using MySQL and php.
  • The Project managers are April, Ramona, June.

Proposed Meetings

  • October 16th : Deadline to submit all content for the web page
  • October 21st : Team Meeting/ Deadline for the web page and database integration
  • Week of October 22nd : Meet with T.A. to get recommendations for our project.
  • November 18th : Team meeting to review changes made from last time.


  • Our team members have skills with html and CSS coding. Also with web development with php. We also have good communication and can think logically and creatively. We could use help in the area of utilizing a server to manage wider usage, and secure monitoring. Also, we will need a back up server in-case one goes down, physicians will still be able to access this information. How to connect it all to the cloud? How to tie a specific patient and doctor? Who should have access?

Who Benefits?

  • With MedREX everyone benefits. Physicians will benefit because they will be able to have more instant access to patient records, which will in turn save more time and he/she will be able to see more patients. Patients will benefit from cutting down time wasted in visits. Healthcare insurance providers will also benefit because saving time means saving costs. Having better access to patient records will allow for better patient health up keeping, which leads to a healthier society. MedREX is also an eco-friendly company and will ultimately helps the environment by making doctor’s offices paper-less.
  • Why wait for records to come by mail, courier or via email which may not be secure? Every Dr. that is a member has access to the portal and can access only their patients whenever they need to. They can also upload data for other doctors to collaborate on a patients care if necessary. Hospitals or ER’s can also log into the portal if they are a member when a particular Physician has a patient in the Hospital. Only HIM Dept in Hospital can access Portal.

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