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ESRI is a technology company based out of Redlands, California. They focus on using combining geographic technology to help better analyze data. According to their website, part of their vision is to provide “technology [that] enables organizations to create responsible and sustainable solutions to problems at local and global scales. (ESRI.com).

Health IT Applications:
ESRI provides maps and spatial analysis:
        • Prioritizing spending
        • Siting service locations
        • Identifying vulnerable populations
        • And more

Hospital Applications
ESRI focuses mainly on how mapping and geographic analysis can be used to help better use your data (metadata) and a more thorough analysis.
For example:
        • Hospitals can map where their patients live
          • o Allows them to figure out what facilities are closest
          • Hospitals can graphically map where an illness is most common
            • o Allowing to figure out potential causes
            • o Track location, severity, etc of diseases
Public Health Applications
There are many benefits to public health by using geographic services offered by ESRI. Not only does ESRI offer services like disease tracking, which can be helpful to a population at large for determining disease causes, prevention tactics, etc, there are also other offers like helping citizens find their closest locations of evacuation centers, wells, etc. Ultimately, these features can help create interactive maps that will help people to live their healthiest lives possible.

Ultimately, ESRI makes sure their services are offered as open and interoperability. Their services include support for GIS and IT standards, openly published APIs, read and write for various formats, and more. Their service, ArcGIS is created specifically for interoperability among a wide variety of date-file systems.


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