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Electronic Medical Records are used by hospitals and doctor offices to organize and maintain patient data. The software provides an electronic version of the typical medical chart, which is then used for quick access and data input. Like any software, there are several companies which provide their own versions of an EMR. These softwares vary in many options including features, price, templates and customer support. Some of the popular vendors include, with information provided by CCHIT:
  • Centricity by GEHealthcare

Centricity EMR from GE Healthcare is an EMR system that enables care physicians and clinical staff to document patient encounters, streamline workflow through point of care clinical content, and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems. The EMR is used by thousands of physicians to manage millions of patient records and is among the most widely used ambulatory care electronic medical record systems. Centricity EMR empowers healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care at lower costs.
  • Misys

Misys Healthcare Systems, one of the top five healthcare IT companies in North America, develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of healthcare. Misys EMR provides medical practices with powerful tools to expand access to patients' care information--improving the usability and value of the electronic medical record. Misys EMR expands interoperability and supports healthcare communities by connecting physicians and patients through automated clinical and practice technology.
  • MEDENT by Community Computer Service

With MEDENT, its All-In-One software package, CCS incorporates Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management tools designed to help a practice achieve the "Paperless Office." CCS is organized to deliver the long-term complete solution. They offer the software, hardware, installation, training, ongoing support, and supplies to their customers throughout the Northeast.
  • NextGen

NextGen Healthcare is the leading provider of fully integrated practice management and electronic medical records software. Ideal for the multi-provider enterprise or a solo practitioner, they are proven to increase operational efficiencies, improve the quality of patient care and cut costs-all while delivering a healthy return on investment. Featuring the industry's richest clinical knowledge base, NextGen EMR seamlessly creates electronic medical records. This comprehensive system facilitates clinical workflow and manages all data related to patient care outcomes. They also interface with numerous pharmacies, labs and hospitals-enabling practices to coordinate patient care across multiple provider levels.


The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology is an agency which controls the authorization of EMR vendors. This authentication creates a standard for the industry, ensuring that each vendor listed is creditable and will be useful for a medical office.


Not only do Electronic Medical Records make a single medical workplace easier to operate and organize, the software also helps to unify the entire medical community. If a person living in Florida travels to Colorado for a ski trip and happens to break their leg, using an EMR and a network, that person's medical record can instantly be sent digitally. The software condenses the doctor's and staff member's workload, and also is very simple to organize. With thousands of medical records, a lot of space is required and also a precise organization system. Charts are constantly being misplaced and lost. EMR software eliminates this as long as a computer with a network connection is present. I predict that within 10 years, every medical office in the country will use an EMR software and be connected through a nationwide network.

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