Electronic Vital Meters (Smartphones)

Managing vitals has always been something people needed to do to maintain their wellbeing. Today with smartphones we are able to do that on the go so that we don’t have to slow our lives down by waiting around to tell how healthy we are. On the market today there are so many applications that can help people monitor their health on the go. Applications such as Glooko Logbook by Glooko Inc., Blood Pressure from Codulis, Instant Heart Rate from Modula, and iStethoscope by Peter Bentley people can monitor themselves quickly and easily.

Blood Pressure from Codulis is a great application for the iPhone that enables people to track blood pressure over time. It gives a person the ability to see charts, add notes, tag diet changes, see results based on a time scale and so much more. Instant Heart Rate from Modula can be used on iPhone or Android. It uses the camera to track light changes that pass through your finger to give you a reading within 10 seconds. Lastly iStethoscope can monitor your heartbeat and waveform.

All of these devices are built so a person can go about their day and track medical changes over time. The application of these devices is meant for people that need to track their vitals over time such as elderly people or people that are sick. As we move into the future applications like this will be able to send your information to your doctor which he can store and analyze at any point in time.

There are many apps in production that have yet to be approved for sale, like the AliveECG by AliveCor. These apps represent the future of telehealth, but may still be a few years away from being a household item. I have provided a link for a demonstration of the AliveECG below.

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Blood Pressure from Codulis

iStethoscope from Modula

Instant Heart Rate from Modula

Glooko Logbook from Glooko Inc.