Term: Encryption for Image Transfer

Description: As technology is emerging into the healthcare field, and Physicians are starting to adopt file transfer amongst other physicians. Whether the patient moves out of town, or is seen by a specialist, patients images such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays need to be transferred so they don't need to be taken again by another physician. To save time and money, we can store and send these electronically. These files must be encrypted so altering of the images is avoided. Thus, you need to implement software that keeps you on an encrypted network so only physicians can access it.

A company named Hx Technologies is one of the first to implement this technology and claims that they can save the U.S. Medical system $5-6 billion by storing these images so they can be accessed in encrypted form over the internet. Currently, Hx Technologies uses a program called Xebra which is an open source platform for web-based distribution and clinical review of medical imaging results. Not only does this software allow them to distribute images securely, you can also distribute health records, medical records, and clinical trials. The way Xebra keeps its records secure is by using encrypted network communication and encrypted performance caching.

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