What is Executive Medicine?
Basic Definition: Executive Medicine or Executive Healthcare is the idea of doctors and physicians collaborating to create health programs for groups of executives and independent businesses with the purpose of reducing lost productivity due to employee illness.

Why is this necessary?
Due to Injury and Illness, the United States has lost over $63 billon on missed work and productivity because many people refuse to check in with their physician until their illness actually impedes them from going to work, instead of taking an hour out of the day to get mild symptoms checked out. This has turned employers to the Executive Concierge Model

Executive Conceierge Model

What exactly does Executive Medicine do?
The point of an Executive Medicine program is to reduce productivity loss, and Executive Medicine acts as a preventative healthcare measure. At the core of Executive Medicine is an Executive Physical, in which doctors will travel to an executive’s place of work to perform a routine physical for all executives. Other options include a more indepth diagnostic which can be done at the executive’s leisure and provides an more in-depth analysis than just a routine physical. This has also allowed employers to offer more of an incentive to employees during times of economic downturn and trouble. Executive medice has become an easier method for business to adopt healthcare policies and at the same time help drive up productivity.

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